Hello! I’m Waverly Colville.

I’m a Brooklyn-based journalist who has experience reporting, writing, producing and editing.

At HBO, I was a production associate for Real Sports, where I handled research, interviewing, footage gathering, and editing assistance for an Emmy Award-winning docu-series. I alswas a news associate at CNBC, where I worked on the podcast team, CNBC Investigates, Closing Bell and CNBC. com, and have written for The Wall Street Journal and Reuters.

I graduated in May 2018 from the University of Missouri School of Journalism with my Bachelor of Journalism in investigative & multimedia reporting and a B.A. in international peace studies.

I’m currently based in New York City. Ask me about Buffalo (my hometown), vegetarianism (a lifelong habit), Dr. Martens (my obsession) or traveling (I’ve been to 20 countries). Or send a “wave” pun my way.


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